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Printing in white on kraft, or white overprint directly on grey paperboard

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2020-08-10 16:24:00
What does “printing in white on kraft” mean? This is nothing more than printing in white directly on a cardboard box, without the need to use a veneer.

What does “printing in white on kraft” mean? This is nothing more than printing in white directly on a cardboard box, without the need to use a veneer. 

At CustomPack we use the printing technology that allows us to achieve the ideal white against grey paperboard background, thanks to the use of highly opaque inks of the highest quality. It is a great idea for those Customers who appreciate simple, eco-friendly and effective solutions!




Cardboard boxes – the first step towards the satisfaction of Your customer

An impressive packaging is a prelude to the joy of receiving purchased products. Just think of the children unpacking their gifts underneath the Christmas tree. The pleasure of receiving gifts and long-awaited ordered products is inseparable from the best packaging.

Our packaging will make Your Customer feel satisfied right after receiving the package!

Printing in white on kraft – or a cardboard box for every occasion

Although our paperboard boxes are mostly used simply for the safe transport of goods, their impressive appearance also plays an important role!

Aesthetic, pretty and sturdy packaging helps to build a positive image of Your brand and can have impact on the decision to buy more.

And unusual white printing on paperboard packaging will additionally strengthen the eco-friendly image of your brand.




A paperboard packaging  will enhance Your eco-friendly image!


An eco-friendly look of CustomPack packagins is not just fashion!

We take pride in the fact that our products are manufactured in a closed circuit, with 90% of recycled raw materials, and are 100% recyclable  and reworkable into fashionable eco-friendly packagings.

A customer who receives such a box rightly observes that it is eco-friendly and that not too many outlays and raw materials have been used for its production (e.g. it has not been chemically bleached). It is easy to place it in the recycling cycle, because there is no doubt as to which type of waste it should be classified. 


Create an  eco-design on a paperboard packaging of your own product! Download our eco-label here and proudly print it on your packaging.



Why printing in white on kraft is necessary?


In the case of white overprints on a darker background, a special ink application technique should be used to make (putting it simply) the white printing on kraft look really white.

We can do it at CustomPack. See how: