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How to order cardboard packaging

Cardboard packages How to order in CustomPack?

Imagine you would like to order a personalized carton to emphasize the strength of your own brand …

You have two options:
  1. You send inquiries for the quote of your personalized cardboard box ; specific shape, size, print. Traders gradually respond, returning with additional questions. The constructor designs the shape and prepares the die grid and precise imposition on the production sheet. Based on the data received from the trader and constructor, the cost estimator prepares an offer. If you came to the manufacturer with the appropriate printing and cutting technology, you finally get a specific answer & ndash; and after its approval, also a grid of the outline of the cardboard packaging for the application of graphics. If you were less fortunate, the pricing for a given carton may be much higher than the market price. You lose between 24 and 72 hours.
  2. Order your personalized cardboard boxes online in just a few moments at CustomPack!
What you choose?

Welcome to the world of clear rules and quick
solutions … as good as our solid
cardboard packaging!

Automating all processes in CustomPack not only saves time,
also brings many new possibilities:

A selection of a proven carton packaging structure based on the FEFCO and ECMA standards, which has been optimized by our design department to ensure the highest strength of the carton packaging.

Ability to know the best price immediately after changing dimensions or number of packages.

In less than a second, you know the best price optimized for print run and get a die cut so you can start designing graphics straight away.

Additionally, in CustomPack you get an online “ personal advisor & : salesman,
designer and cost estimator in one. And it's available 24/7!

Cardboard packaging in seconds!

Measurable savings in time and resources.

You save time, and we are sure that you have received a cardboard packaging, for the production of which we did not waste even a millimeter of raw material! This is due to the use of precise imposition and appropriate printing and cutting technology adapted to the edition. Together, we reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment by reducing the consumption of raw materials to a minimum.

We are proud that our customers pack their products in personalized, durable and ecological cardboard packaging, taking care of the sustainable development of our planet!