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We create personalized cardboard packaging
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Being a leader in your category requires several conditions to be met.

Among them, the most important are: quality, time and price. We are happy to be reliable in every aspect.

Cardboard boxes according to your expectations

Each of our personalized packaging perfectly meets the customer's needs. The shape, size and imprint are to be determined. You can do it all online and in no time!

Additionally, we offer all printing and production technologies in one place!

Pricing and couldn't be easier!

The valuation of custom packaging by a traditional printing house takes up to several days. They must be designed by the construction department, then the technologist selects the appropriate production specification, then the salesman performs a calculation to finally present the offer to the client.
Even reading this description takes too long! And who has time for that today ?!

At CustomPack, we simplify and shorten the processes of valuation, design, production and supply chain of cardboard boxes as much as possible, and we do it all online 24/7. We will design the best packaging for you at any time, choose the printing and cutting technique, and the whole

Cardboard boxes online
1,2,3 … ordering ready!

CustomPack gives the customer the opportunity to instantly choose 4 parameters for cardboard packaging (width x depth x height + quantity) based on which our algorithm will draw the optimal cardboard structure in a fraction of a second, select the appropriate production technology (from digital printing through offset printing) to flexo) in order to present the best price and the shortest delivery time.

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We provide services throughout the EU,
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is always free of charge.

Order personalized packaging in seconds with CustomPack.

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