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Product box (Fefco 215)

Enter the desired internal dimensions and a print run, and you will receive your own personalised mailer box in the following colour options to choose from:

Box variant

Natural kraft without print
Natural kraft with black print
Natural kraft with white print, fashionable ECO trend
Natural kraft with colour print
White without print
White with black print
White with colour print, in highest colour quality
White with colour print, also inside, double-sided print

Enter internal dimensions



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Product description
Poduct box (Fefco 215)

A sturdy box for unit products with a rectangular base, closed from the top, with a large flap and side wings. The customer has the possibility to configure internal and external dimensions as well as colours of both the material and print. It is ideal for packaging products, from small perfume bottles to a bottle of wine. The packaging made of strong corrugated paperboard consisting of three paper layers, white or natural Kraft.

The best product model.
Is this packaging eco-friendly?

Yes, all product packaging is made of at least 90% recycled material, i.e. recycled corrugated paperboard and cardboard.

What is more, 100% of cardboard product packaging manufactured by us is recyclable. This means that it does not contain adhesives, films or toxic paints, all its components are biodegradable and are based on water.

CustomPack is a reliable and responsible partner that takes care of the environment and values sustainable development. Our cardboard packaging means Your eco-friendly image and introduction into responsible business!

Create your own eco-design on a paperboard packaging of your product! Confirm it by printing over our eco-label. Download our eco-label here and proudly print it on your packaging.

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We process shipments by express within five working days for some of our products!

Free shipping

The cost of the order in our store is only the price for the packaging! Delivery within the EU is ALWAYS free!

We care about the environment

Our packaging is eco! We manufacture them from recycled cardboard and are fully made biodegradable.